Weightlifting Shoes

Filip Taylor
2 min read
October 1, 2021

These may not be essential to start your journey, but you should definitely consider getting a pair along the way, find out why.

A brief guide to the Essentials

Broken down to into principles, weightlifting itself is rather simple. All you need is yourself, a barbell, some weights and a decent degree of stubbornness. There are however some bits of ‘essential’ kit which will make the process that little bit more enjoyable.

The following article is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to weightlifting kit and apparel. As the title says, it’s a brief guide as to what to look for, how to use it and most importantly why you see so many athletes using the items.

Things we will be covering in this series of posts include:

·       Weightlifting shoes

·       Pulling straps

·       Hookgrip tape

·       Knee sleeves and wraps

·       Weightlifting belts

·       Barbell pads

That last one was a joke. But there may be some more kit we will touch on in future…

Weightlifting Shoes
(aka. 'lifters')

Whilst not exactly essential to start you on your weightlifting journey, weightlifting shoes become a bit of a ‘must have’ for anyone who’s been in the sport for any length of time. You may see the equipment choice amongst world class athletes vary, but one thing they all have in common is a pair of good weightlifting shoes.

Unlike trainers, weightlifting shoes don’t compress under heavy loads and provide increased support and stability to the mid-foot, preventing inward ‘rolling/collapse’ of the feet and helping maintain proper squat mechanics during heavy lifting. Not to mention the added mobility benefits which the elevated heels provide. A more upright squat position and non-compressible shoe ensures that the maximal amount of force, generated by the athlete during the lift, is transferred to the barbell and platform. The contact point to the platform is also what builds your foundation for every lift, so these should be your first purchase before getting decked out in fancy lifting gear.

Now, weightlifting shoes may seem fairly expensive at first, however prices are becoming more and more reasonable especially when compared to the latest sneaker drops.

A good pair of lifters should most certainly be viewed as an investment, with a good quality pair lasting you several years before needing replacing. Buy nice or buy twice is definitely the case when it comes to your lifters! There’s no surprise really the Nike Romaleos 2 and Adidas Adistars (2008) have become somewhat of an icon on the international stage.

And no, before you ask, there isn’t necessarily a ‘best’ weightlifting shoe. They all serve the same basic purpose, regardless of what new technologies companies may claim, so just pick the one you like the look of and don’t look back, because you’ll be wearing them every session!

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