Weight classes in Olympic weightlifting (competition and training)

Fil was at the Welsh Senior Weightlifting competition this past weekend. Aside from winning the competition (low quality flex), one of the main take-aways was that people need to think about weight classes in Olympic Weightlifting more seriously.

Basics of weightlifting programming

Weightlifting programming for dummies, a guide.. written by dummies. Today, we're looking at the basics of weightlifting programming, structuring training programs for Olympic weightlifting, or just helping you understand how they work.

How Long Should a Weightlifting Session Last

Olympic Weightlifting is a game of skill development - time on the bar is key. But how long should a weightlifting session last for? What does a basic workout routine look like? and how much is too much in one training session?

How Many Squats is too many squats?

Olympic weightlifting is big on leg strength: every day is leg day. Inside we discuss how many squats is too many - and what you can do about it. How to structure a training program to build big legs, lift big weights, and maximise your return on effort.

How To Build Muscle for Olympic Weightlifting

How to build muscle for Olympic weightlifting? And why does it matter? Olympic weightlifting is a strength sport - it's about building muscle, getting strong, and lifting weights.If you miss the strength and size training, you're going to fall behind. Today, we're teaching you how not to ruin your training, by promoting muscle growth for better results.

Weightlifting competition seasons: planning ahead

How do you plan a competition year in weightlifting, and what can you learn from other elite athletes? We'll be talking abuot the off-season, recovery, bodybuilding, and GPP - and how you pack it all into a single training and competing year.

Coaches: Social Media and Programming

Programming for Olympic weightlifting, like any strength sport, can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. The fundamentals won’t change, but the advice you’ll get from Instagram this week will. If you take nothing else from this article, let it be this: ignore what you hear on the gram, it’s mostly..

Fil’s Fast Thoughts: Motivating lazy weightlifters

Lessons learnt. Motivating talented athletes and the "PT" side of weightlifting coaching. Today we explore how to motivate new, young and lazy athletes to help them reach their potential in the sport.

Fil’s Fast Thoughts: Not everything needs a solution

Weightlifting is a simple sport – but not an easy one. You pick things up and you put them down. Somebody judged whether you’ve done it correctly or not. So why are we over-complicating things so much?

Recovery - overlooked and under performed

If you’re serious about getting better, your first priority shouldn’t be new and exciting training methods or programs – it should be proper recovery.

Two Athletes - One Workout

A coach can provide a pathway towards your goals, but they cannot walk the path for you- you have to make the change happen.

What to look for in a Coach (2)

Choosing the right coach for you - Things to look out for.

Hire a Coach. The right way. (1)

We’ve dunked on opportunistic overcoaching enough in our previous articles. Let’s talk about when to hire a coach – and why.

Getting the Priorities Straight

Paying your way to success... And why it doesn't work in Weightlifting.

Weightlifting Coaching

Coaching - the good, the bad and the uninformed - Our take on the coaching scene right now.

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