Getting the Priorities Straight

Filip Taylor
3 min read
May 11, 2022

Paying your way to success... And why it doesn't work in Weightlifting.

Athletes are funny creatures sometimes. They’ll do the absolute most to get a tiny edge on the competition.

The cycle repeats throughout every auxiliary/supporting service imaginable. Sports massage, acupuncture, cupping, coaching, online coaching, nutrition, latest pair of lifting shoes. Up next, Sports Psychology. Watch this space and remember who called it first.

It’s all incredibly clever affiliate marketing if you think about it. A coach or service gets one or two good athletes and good results. Suddenly, every other athlete starts signing up because they can’t let their opposition have the edge over them. Thinking that must be the source of the athlete’s success (ignoring the decade of training experience).

Now, at the elite level of weightlifting. That makes sense. A 1-2% increase on a 380kg total is the difference between gold and being off the podium in a stacked competition. If you’re not at the elite level, you might be being sold a gimmick.

The same is true for any ‘fitness’ trend - keep this in mind next time you see a 'paid partnership' label. After all, modern methods are not better than the old ones, and there’s numbers to prove it. Now, as it was then, the real secret behind many Olympic champions and ‘fitness professionals’ is often steroids.

So, what if you’re not at the elite level, and you're considering some of these services or products? Well..

You can’t pay your way to success in Weightlifting.

That’s part of the beauty of it. You can’t buy it, you can’t trade It with a mate and you definitely can’t sneak your way around the training and the struggle.

Spending upwards of £300pcm on all your different supporting services and memberships whilst new to the sport and lifting under bodyweight is pissing into the wind. Yeah, you might achieve the primary objective, but at what cost… (wet legs and a loss of dignity in case you're wondering).

We’re not disputing the value of the coaching services themselves. Believe us, they’re worth their weight in gold (when used correctly). We’ve used them all at some point in our careers and even provide one ourselves. But there's a time and a place for everything.

If you’re just training recreationally, or even competitively but a good few weeks away from competition...

  • Do you really need that £45 sports massage, or could you just take a day off and do some mobility work?
  • Could you just not over-train for a few days and get some rest?
  • Could you eat and sleep better?
  • Could you do that 'prehab' work you’ve been putting off since before you started weightlifting?
BIG Disclaimer: Injuries, and especially recurring injuries are different. See an appropriately qualified medical professional. Don’t get your advice off Instagram. Focus on being healthy before worrying about lifting PB’s.
  • Do you really need to be weighing every meal and caffeinating at specific times to peak in time for training? Or could you begin by not binge drinking every Friday and Saturday night, getting some sleep and surviving off something other than chocolate bars and coffee throughout the week?
  • Would you not be better off joining in with the free, coached, weightlifting classes included in your gym membership before signing up to a WL personalities ‘tailored’ online program to address your personal weaknesses?

We get it, you want to be the best you can be. But you don’t need to rush things. Your main problem is that you’re new to the sport – (aside from any real injuries).

Coaching services are great in their own time, but a consistent program and a slowly improving notion of what weightlifting is about should be your top priorities.

You don’t need a Klokov training camp, £600 muscle stimulator or vibrating foam roller. You need to eat your veggies, get 8 hours of kip and do your accessory work.

We wholeheartedly support a good coaching service. There are some incredibly qualified people out there who will help you squeeze every last% out of your performance. But in the quest for the additional 3%, don’t neglect the previous 97% which you’re responsible for yourself.

Get it in the right order – you’re trying to run before you can walk. Learn to walk, really well, first.

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