Weightlifting for Dummies*

This is a platform to share the knowledge, ideas and resources that have materialised over the years of competing in weightlifting. From the finest advice passed down by renowned coaches, to silly stuff we had to learn the hard way, its all laid out for you here.

*you almost certainly aren't dumb, but you might just learn something.

Weight classes in Olympic weightlifting (competition and training)

Fil was at the Welsh Senior Weightlifting competition this past weekend. Aside from winning the competition (low quality flex), one of the main take-aways was that people need to think about weight classes in Olympic Weightlifting more seriously.

Basics of weightlifting programming

Weightlifting programming for dummies, a guide.. written by dummies. Today, we're looking at the basics of weightlifting programming, structuring training programs for Olympic weightlifting, or just helping you understand how they work.

Overhead Positions for Olympic Weightlifting

A solid overhead position is a key indicator of performance - you can't lift more than you can hold overhead. Get the simple bits right, put the bar overhead in the right place to make it easy for yourself.

How Long Should a Weightlifting Session Last

Olympic Weightlifting is a game of skill development - time on the bar is key. But how long should a weightlifting session last for? What does a basic workout routine look like? and how much is too much in one training session?

How Many Squats is too many squats?

Olympic weightlifting is big on leg strength: every day is leg day. Inside we discuss how many squats is too many - and what you can do about it. How to structure a training program to build big legs, lift big weights, and maximise your return on effort.

How to lift fast-er

Weightlifters love to focus on speed - it's always flashy, but how do you build speed? Do you even need to focus on it? Are you just wasting training time on getting worse? In this article, we discuss speed - what it's for, how you build it, and how beginners should develop speed characteristics - in a way that's appropriate for your first few years of training.
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