Overhead Positions for Olympic Weightlifting

A solid overhead position is a key indicator of performance - you can't lift more than you can hold overhead. Get the simple bits right, put the bar overhead in the right place to make it easy for yourself.

How to lift fast-er

Weightlifters love to focus on speed - it's always flashy, but how do you build speed? Do you even need to focus on it? Are you just wasting training time on getting worse? In this article, we discuss speed - what it's for, how you build it, and how beginners should develop speed characteristics - in a way that's appropriate for your first few years of training.

Stop stepping out your lifts

Sometimes stepping out a lift is the only way to save it.. but too many of these is indicative of a larger problem in your technique. In this article we take a look at some of the reasons you might be stepping out, why it's bad and what you can do to fix it.

The Snatch - Part 3

The snatch - We're experts in getting this one wrong - so learn how to get it right? No that doesn't sound right. Learn what not to do below!

The Snatch - Part 2

Learning the Snatch. A brief technical guide by Stash Weightlifting.

The Snatch - Part 1

The Snatch - The ultimate gym flex.. and source of approximately 94% of our frustration. Read this before you get started to avoid some common pitfalls.

The Jerk - Part 2

A massive clean is no good to you in weightlifting if you can't follow it up with an equally as massive jerk. Learn how not to bottle it with this brief guide.

The Jerk - Part 1

The Jerk aka. A perfect opportunity to bar slam and impress your mates.. or throw away all the hard work you put in for the clean. Read this before you get started.

The Clean - Part 3

Old habits die hard. But weightlifters are creatures of habit. Predicting what errors most will make is therefore quite easy. We cover some typical errors in the clean within.

The Clean - Part 2

Learning the clean isn't easy, but it's easier than a snatch. So lets start here. Competitions aren't won on snatch anyways. They're won on the jerk.

The Clean - Part 1

The Clean. Bit like a deadlift, but way cooler. Getting it right can be tricky - so learn to get it wrong first.

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