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Tow Straps Taupe

£ 32 
£ 32 
Tow Straps Taupe

Tow Straps Taupe

£ 32 
£ 32 

Heavy duty pulling straps handmade from genuine cowhide leather. These are thicker straps particularly suited for continuous heavy pulls as well as overhead work. Assembled with durable, textured leather and brass binding screws, these straps are built to last. The traditional weightlifting loop style allows for a safe and quick release of the bar during the olympic lifts. Available in 30mm and 35mm widths. We offer a 1 Year Guarantee.

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Usage Tips
Break in with (heavy) pulls Don't be gentle, they can take it! Allow the straps to form to your wrists

Care Advice
Avoid Dampness or Sunlight during storage Allow for natural variances in the material (& Handiwork)

L: >690mm - W: 30/35mm Genuine Cowhide Leather PU Coated Top Surface Gunmetal Binding Screws

a Closer Look

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The straps were designed, developed and tested with professional athletes, with the goal of making the straps more durable and comfortable over long periods of training. Our testing allowed us to find a leather that combined elements of feel, comfort, usability, durability, grip balance and robustness. The surface has been pre worn with a wire brush for faster break in, and the brass binding screws give you the option of using the straps in a closed or open loop style.


Following countless straps that slipped or tore, we decided to create a pair ourselves with direct feedback from elite level athletes. After 14 months of testing and developing, you can now try them for yourself. We source our chosen leather locally and manufacture them in house, with a heat branded stash logo as our seal of approval. Like a pair of leather shoes, these get comfortable with use, and are sure to accompany you through many hours of training.
“Don't be afraid to try new things in training.
Unless they're stupid”
– Greg Everett
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