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Stock Sleeves V1

£ 16 
£ 16 
Stock Sleeves V1

Stock Sleeves V1

£ 16 
£ 16 

Your go to everyday training sleeve. Soft, Flexible, Thin, Compression knee sleeves based on the style made famous by the Chinese Weightlifting team. These are designed to help warm and lightly support the knee joint, not built to help you bounce out of a squat. This is V1, slightly longer to overlap with shorts for extra knurling protection during lifts.

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Usage Tips
The sleeves can be worn casually and putting them on will not be restrictive or sweaty unlike their neoprene counterparts. These can also be nicely combined over knee wraps for maximal support, whilst keeping everything tucked away and secure.

Care Advice
Hand wash preferable, machine wash in cold temperature wash only, do not tumble dry, iron or steam. These will wear from general use over time. (after all you are pulling steel knurling over a fabric, hopefully with a close bar path)

See Size Guide for dimensions 68% Nylon 24% rubber 8% spandex 100% gains Sold in Pairs

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The Stock Sleeves are designed to be your daily drivers. Simple, unrestrictive and ready when you are. Can be worn over the shin to protect from scrapes and scratches, over the knee for warmth and support, or even pulled up extra high over the lower thigh to provide additional protection against knurling when doing your pulls. They are versatile across all lifts and won't restrict your mobility, perfect for building up strength without relying on artificial support from other equipment. Should you want the maximum support, try them in combination with the reserve wraps.


The knee sleeve has long been around as a medical support device. The benefits of warmth and compression to the knee joint are undisputed.. and we’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. But the needs of weightlifting are far from those of other strength sports. Lifters need the mobility to rapidly achieve a deep squat, and being launched out the bottom of a deep squat is also not always ideal. Plus, struggling to slide tight fitting sleeves onto your sweaty legs during the brief interval between Snatch and Clean & Jerk is the last thing you want to be doing. The Chinese Weightlifting team uses this style of sleeves for a reason, and we hope you love their versatility as much as we do.
“Don't be afraid to try new things in training.
Unless they're stupid”
– Greg Everett
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