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Hookgrip Tape

£ 16 
£ 16 
Hookgrip Tape

Hookgrip Tape

£ 16 
£ 16 

This is our take on Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB), made with hook grip in mind. The stretch bandage wraps and sticks securely to your thumbs, whilst the texture helps grip the bar. Alternatively, this is also a super versatile tape to have in your gym bag, use it for strapping or securing kit during your workout.

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Usage Tips
Make sure your hands are dry, very lightly chalk your hands if necessary. Wrap from the base of the thumb downwards towards the tip of the thumb. Once wrapped, give the tape a friction rub for the best adhesion.

Care Advice
To maintain maximal adhesive quality of your EAB please keep the tape within the sealed bag until the first use. Any adhesive residue on the skin post training can be removed with warm soapy water.

38mm x 4.5m (each roll) 100% Cotton with Spandex Zinc Oxide Adhesive Microporous Glue Technology

a Closer Look

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Simple and effective. We have previously used other EAB, Zinc Oxide and Kinesiology style tapes... or weird combinations of them all... and we feel that if you could only use one, this has the best of both worlds: Sticks like Zinc Oxide, Stretches like Kinesiology tape and has the soft grippy texture of EAB. Easy tear also means carrying scissors in the gym bag is a thing of the past.


Tape sliding off your thumb mid lift has got to be one of the most annoying sensations weightlifting has to offer. You can literally feel the new Personal Best slipping through your fingers. The Caution tape isn't going anywhere fast. Looking back into the past, weightlifters used all sorts of tapes or bandages to wrap their thumbs. However, these were all borrowed from different sports or applications, here is one that's been produced with barbells in mind.
“Don't be afraid to try new things in training.
Unless they're stupid”
– Greg Everett
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